I love Shopping…lol

I was at Fabricland today picking up the white and dark blue that I need to finish my coin quilt and I came across this uber cute fabric, its the second from the bottom one in the photo above, its pinks, and greens and teals, just lovely.  It also happened to be on the sale rack, so I picked up what was left of the bolt, as well as some coordinating colors, I am not sure if I am done picking colors, but I wanted to start collecting them.  Also at this point I am not sure what will become of it, bibs, or blankets or something I am sure.

On that note, I found out today that one of our reps of our suppliers is pregnant, with a boy, so I will ether quilt or knit something for him, but I have till August to get that done, as she will be going on mat leave at the end of august, and coming to visit all of our stores with the new hire sometime in august.


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