Small amount of Progress

I guess because I am tired, I didn’t feel much like quilting today, although all of my seams are pressed open and I have 2 of the sashes between the coins sewn on, 4 more to go, and then the end sashes and then the front is complete.

I am going to put a belly band on the back of the quilt, meaning a band on the mid section that is different from the backing fabric, I think its very cute to do this.  I have to still cut my back sections and sew together the band, but that shouldn’t take very long.

I have to find some floor space for the next step of my quilt, we are still surrounded by boxes from our move, and while I really want to go through them, I am procrastinating every step of the way.

But Sunday we should be able to take some more stuff to storage like the Christmas Tree and some of the garage stuff that we still want to keep if we ever get a house.  Which means more room to manoeuvre.  I am then going to remove elver last box that was put in my craft room and set up tables for my sewing area and set up my shelves and proper sewing desks.

I am thinking that I may put them at different heights, the one under the window I think will be sitting height, and the one that will be on the wall beside that one will be standing height, if the legs expand that is, i will have to check on that, I was thinking this would be good as I like to sew standing up sometimes, good for the legs etc.

I hope to post photos soon of my craft room once I get it all sorted and usable again.  Right now it looks like a pile of boxes., but perhaps I will take some before photos to make the after photos more dramatic…lol.


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