Some Light Reading

I had about an hour tonight at home, before I was to pick Chris up.  I decided that I would read some articles online, but found myself falling asleep!  So Off to Chapters I went to keep myself awake.  There I browsed the magazine and craft book sections and came home with some great books and magazines.

The Magazine that I picked up is Homestyle Sewing.  I picked this one because it had a pattern for an eyemask.  which i desperately need a new one, and yes I know I could just use my old one as a template, but sometimes its neat to see if someone else does something special when they put theirs together.   I have some ideas of what I would like, so watch for some of those soon.

I also picked up a One-Yard Wonders book, full of ideas of what to do with one yard, I have looked through it and know that there are a few things that will come out of that book too, like a laptop cover for my macbook.

Tomorrow, I plan on working more on the baby quilt and getting started on cleaning and organizing my craft room.  I am going to send some stuff to storage with Chris tomorrow as well, so that we have more room here to manoeuvre.  I think 3 weeks is long enough to live in a state of boxed not so bliss as I would call it!


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