Birth of a Craft Room

So As promised, today was full of moving stuff to storage and the start of sorting out my craft room!  I am excited to have 2 functioning sewing desks, one at table height and one at hip height for standing or sitting on my taller stool.

Seen in the photo above is the taller table, which will house my laptop when its in this room and either my sewing machine or serger depending on if  wish to sew standing up.  I will take more photos as i straighten more space out in my room.

I also have a cutting/ironing table set up its just full of clutter at the moment as I go through boxes.

You can also see the panels of my baby quilt hanging there waiting to be sewed together, I would like to get a chance to work on that today, but I think that cleaning and organizing is more important today.

I am off tomorrow, and other then going to sit and knit with friends at 7pm I am doing laundry and more cleaning/organizing this room.


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