Cleaning, and more cleaning

My Mom is arriving for a visit in less then 2 weeks, and I need to get stuff gone through and sorted!  I have been busy unpacking and throwing things out, more sorting of my craft room as I catch up on tv shows, and more things sorted in the rest of the house.

We now have our tv and video game centre mostly sorted, we have to hook up a couple of more speakers, but other then that.  Today I went to superstore and wal-mart to pick up some organizational things, one a set of plastic drawers for my craft room, for underneath the table in the photo above, and some plastic bins for tupperware storage as we don’t have enough cupboards to house them all.  So into totes and into the storage room they go!

I am also working on so wooden ikea drawers, i think i need to glue them together though before nail them together, so these are slow going, and they may get pushed aside for a little while.

I have to find my labeller, I am lost without it!  I could however just bring home the one from the restaurant for a couple of days and use it. which is what I may end up doing.

I have some more things to hang up, my magnetic boards for inspiration ideas and some towel rac type things for hanging quilts or other things from.

I will get this all done, its just a matter of time, but the sooner the better i suppose, so off to work on it all some more!


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