Fabric for Quilt-a-Long

I stopped in at Fabricland, this time at the east location.  They were still having their sale, buy 1 meter get 3 meters free, so I finished off collecting the fabric for the quilt along.  I think doing the quilt for our bedroom would be a good start.  I picked out the reds/tans pack, even though I got dome more fabric from some of the other collections that I have started, I wanted to make this one for me.  I am excited to start and can’t wait for next week, when we begin!

The nice thing about this fabric is its from the Marcus collection, its beautiful fabric and it all matches very nicely.

Some of the other things that I would like to do with this fabric include a quilted iPad bag/case, and maybe even one for my macbook.  With all of this fabric because of the sale I have 1 meter of each.  The Quilt sampler calls for 1/2 meter of each so there will be plenty left over.

I think I will also create a feature piece for the back of the quilt, maybe a coin strip or something to that effect.

The other option would be to make the quilt top large enough and then not back it but instead make it into a top of a duvet cover, our king size duvet needs a new cover, so this may end up a duvet instead of a quilt, I am not sure yet.  If that is the case, I may use the flat sheet that came with my bedding for the backing, instead of buying more fabric just repurpose some of the sheet that we don’t use.


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