Now that my room is pretty much done…

I am about to start a Quilt A Long with Amy…

I hope to keep up with 2 blocks a week and get some other quilting done too.  This should be fun!

I think I have the fabric that I wish to use picked out, But I may have to go and do some more shopping!  She will be posting the new quilt blocks next week, so I have a few days to decide.  Maybe this one should be my red quilt?  of maybe I should use my greens and peaches….Oh I don’t know!

I am working also on some shirts for my grandma, she has limited mobility now and its hard for her to put on shirts over her head, so my Mom and I went to Value Village and found some nice shirts, I have cut the back of them to make room for a panel, which buttons to the rest of the shirt, this way she can wear nice things without having to hurt herself by putting them on!

I also need to finish the baby quilt for my friends.  I was hoping to work on it some more this week, but I don’t think I will get to it until Sunday.  My Mom leaves on Saturday, and so these shirts need to be done before then so that she can take them to my grandma once she gets home.


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