I can’t help myself…nor can I sleep

So instead of waiting patiently for the QAL to start, I decided to do a top while I wait, As I was surfing the web tonight I came across this quick tutorial, and I just so happened to have a charm stack that I wanted to use, but wasn’t sure what to use it on, here are all the pieces out, I think where I want them….I will try and sleep on it, and see if I still like the layout in the morning.

Its just a small baby quilt, one that will probably sit in my closet for a while since all the people I know are having boys!

I know I should be finishing the Boy quilt I have on the go, but I didn’t feel like rethreading my sewing machine with the right colored thread 🙂 I am sure you all know what I am talking about, continue on with what you have, start new projects and leave all the other projects to the last minute…:)

I am also writing this at 2:30 in the morning, why you ask?  I am wondering the same thing!  Thinking about to many things I guess.  Hopefully now that all the pieces for this quilt are ironed and set out I can get some sleep, I tried to sleep but got out of bed to iron open my seams because I didn’t want to leave them.  Then of course I needed to lay out the quilt pieces, and then blog about it to hopefully someone!


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