What are we working on today?

Sunday’s are a great day for me to quilt and get other things done.  And so today I have been working on lots.  I have started cutting, sewing and pressing a dresden plate, this is made with the cheap template I bought to see if I could make a dresden plate…lol… its nice, just a lot shorter then I would have liked, the template is only one size, so you are pretty much stuck with what you get.  So before I finished it, I ordered the Easy Dresden Ruler.  I like making them but would like to be able to create multiple sizes!

I also am working on a Disappearing 9 patch table runner, there is a great and super easy tutorial here to make your own, I have all the blocks sewn together, and it has been sandwiched and pinned and is ready for quilting.

But before I can quilt that, I need to quilt and finish the baby blanket, so I am thinking of quilting the 9 patch as a treat for finishing quilting the baby blanket.  It is a slow process as I am marking a few lines and then top stitching, then more marking, and well you get the idea.  I am using my disappearing ink pen and if i do to many at once the lines start to fade before I get to them!!

So now that leads me to….What are you working on today?  I hope you have been productive in what ever you are doing today!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pam
    Jul 11, 2010 @ 14:20:32

    Hey and happy Sunday!

    I worked on a handbag … preliminary only. It always starts with making a small quilt top and then quilting it. Pictures later … lol… Your dresden parts are gorgeous! Whoohoooooo, love it! That nine patch is awesome..love the lila fabs in there….



  2. Molly
    Jul 11, 2010 @ 18:20:22

    My goodness you’re busy! I’m at the thinking stages of starting a new quilt for my niece’s birthday. Just waiting to get the rest of the fabric in the mail. Hopefully tomorrow!


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