Quilt-a-long, Day 4 = One more Strip

I can’t say that I have ever tried log cabin quilting before.  I have knitted a log cabin dishcloth once, and I remember having to add on to each side as I went.  But quilting log cabin requires you to throw out any notion of chaining that you have gotten so fond of…lol…making this log cabin square required a lot of stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down…lol… but I enjoyed it non the less!

Starting in the middle of your log cabin design you work your way counter clockwise as you piece each section to the block, pinning, sewing and pressing in between.  I think it turned out lovely.

Now, HST’s arent my favorite thing in the world, it is making me rethink my up coming pinwheel sampler that I was thinking about doing after this one was complete…lol…but I can do them.  And I found out today that one of my rulers has a diagonal line across it (I know I am blind) and as long as my HST’s are 3.5″ or 4″ I can use this ruler to square them up before sewing them all together.  I was so excited for this!

Here are both of this weeks blocks together…

And finally all of my blocks together…


Quilt-a-long, Day 3 = Lovely blocks!

I am done my blocks for this week!!  They are so nice, I think that these set are my favorite so far.  The techniques we used this time were great!  real time savers!  Thanks Amy for some great blocks!

Here are both blocks from this week together…

And here are all the blocks we have done so far!

Quilt-a-long, Day 2 = Love, pin love!

Our awesome Quilt along host, had recommended some nice pins, more tiny then normal pins, that you would say get a dollar store because they come on a cute wheel, and they are all different bright colors, and nice and straight, and sharp pins.  These pins are lovely to work with, and I dont think that I will ever go back to the old dollar store pins.

And the great thing about them, there are 2 colors, yellow, seen here. and a cool blue that will match my new ironing board and pin cushion!!!

I have the yellow in my black pin cushion, and am saving the blue for when i get my blue pin cushion done!!  And no, the colors are not allowed to co-habitate on the same pin cushion!

And now for my blocks!!

And here are all of my blocks so far!  I love them!!

Quilt-a-long, Day 1 = Success.

Today was Day 1 of Amy’s Quilt Along!  I was so excited to come home tonight and do some quilting!  I have all my fabrics, been through her tutorials a dozen or so times, and I was ready to cut, and sew…

To bad my sewing machine wasn’t…but with a little fight, which I was going to win, it decided to cooperate and let me finish my blocks!  So here they are!!  I promise you all the reds are the same, its just when i adjust them depending on how much brown is in them they “change” colors.

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