The transformation is complete.

From fat quarters and a few meters of fabric to this….

The baby quilt is complete and ready to give to Paul and Marilio for their new baby.  Along with a knitted sweater for their 2 year old daughter.  I really hope they love it.

One nice thing about quilting on a wet and rainy day, is you stay warm covered by the quilt as you stitch your binding on.

My favorite coin on the quilt….

And the quilt folded back to reveal the soft flannel backing, and my lovely binding job, which is the best I have ever done!


A time for progress!!

I dropped my mom off this morning at the airport, what a busy couple of weeks it has been, and fun too.  It was great to spend some time with her.

I was able to come home today and get some much needed quilting done.  I have finished the top of the baby boy coin quilt…

I then finished the backing of the quilt and taped it to the floor of my very tiny kitchen…lol

The quilt is almost bigger then my kitchen, that is sad.

After spraying it with adhesive and sandwiching it with quilt batting here is my pinning progress.

And finally my quilt is pinned and ready for top stitching.  Which I am not sure will get done tonight, but I am sure going to try.

Birth of a Craft Room

So As promised, today was full of moving stuff to storage and the start of sorting out my craft room!  I am excited to have 2 functioning sewing desks, one at table height and one at hip height for standing or sitting on my taller stool.

Seen in the photo above is the taller table, which will house my laptop when its in this room and either my sewing machine or serger depending on if  wish to sew standing up.  I will take more photos as i straighten more space out in my room.

I also have a cutting/ironing table set up its just full of clutter at the moment as I go through boxes.

You can also see the panels of my baby quilt hanging there waiting to be sewed together, I would like to get a chance to work on that today, but I think that cleaning and organizing is more important today.

I am off tomorrow, and other then going to sit and knit with friends at 7pm I am doing laundry and more cleaning/organizing this room.

Small amount of Progress

I guess because I am tired, I didn’t feel much like quilting today, although all of my seams are pressed open and I have 2 of the sashes between the coins sewn on, 4 more to go, and then the end sashes and then the front is complete.

I am going to put a belly band on the back of the quilt, meaning a band on the mid section that is different from the backing fabric, I think its very cute to do this.  I have to still cut my back sections and sew together the band, but that shouldn’t take very long.

I have to find some floor space for the next step of my quilt, we are still surrounded by boxes from our move, and while I really want to go through them, I am procrastinating every step of the way.

But Sunday we should be able to take some more stuff to storage like the Christmas Tree and some of the garage stuff that we still want to keep if we ever get a house.  Which means more room to manoeuvre.  I am then going to remove elver last box that was put in my craft room and set up tables for my sewing area and set up my shelves and proper sewing desks.

I am thinking that I may put them at different heights, the one under the window I think will be sitting height, and the one that will be on the wall beside that one will be standing height, if the legs expand that is, i will have to check on that, I was thinking this would be good as I like to sew standing up sometimes, good for the legs etc.

I hope to post photos soon of my craft room once I get it all sorted and usable again.  Right now it looks like a pile of boxes., but perhaps I will take some before photos to make the after photos more dramatic…lol.

Progress before work…

I woke up this morning, to some banging, appearantly 8:00am is a good time to hang pictures in our building…lol…anyways, I decided that I would work some more on the Stacking Coins Quilt that I started last night.

Progress, before I head off to work…

3, yes that is right, 3! stacks of coins completed…lol

I have 2 more to go, and then I need to stop at Fabricland today and pick up some white fabric for the dividing strips, I think white will work best, so not as to take away from the pattern in the quilt.  I am also going to take one strip with me, and see if I can find something to do the binding with, I am thinking the dark blue that is already in the quilt to make it pop.

But for now, I am off to work!

Have a great day!

Coins, Coins and more Coins!

All of my coins for the baby quilt are cut! Hmmm looking at the quilt can you tell what my friend is having? I really hope that they like the quilt once it is done!

I am now going to figure out if my 1/4” seams are accurate.  To do this, Amy has a great blog full of tutorials, you can find the tutorial here.

I am using some “test” coins to figure this out.

I also found this great article on Leaders and Enders, a way to cut down on your ends and get more quilting done in the process!!

I have been spending some time looking at some awesome quilts, so I hope to inspire myself to do more…and maybe even incorporate some knitting into it!  We will see!

I think that instead of starting yet another post about this quilt since I want to show off the first set of coins, that I will just add it to this post.

This is one set of the coins together, mind you there will be plenty more attached to this one, but atleast it is started, now I can go to bed!

Things to remember on this quilt, if you have fabric that has a direction, be sure to check the fabric before you add it to your coins, so that it is facing the right way!  you don’t want to get through all of your pieces and find out that one, in the middle of course is upside down!!

So for tonight, I ironed all of my fabric for this quilt, I cut the fabric into 2.5” strips and then cut those strips into 5” lengths, making them coins.  Then I tested my 1/4” seaming so that I get it right, and then I started to sew the coins together.  Yeah for me!  Progress, considering that this fabric has sat for the last 2 weeks while we moved, and while i aimlessly searched for my iron, which I didn’t find, but I did go out and buy me a new one, a small portable one, so that even if I find my iron, I can put this one in my travel bag or pack it for a quilting class etc!

Adventures in Quilting

I am not done Knitting, I just love to do all sorts of things, so from time to time I quilt.  I would like to share my quilting here, with you.  I hope that you will enjoy it.  Maybe learn a thing or two, or maybe someone can teach me something too!!

Today I am starting on a stacked coins quilt for my friends little one on the way, you can find the pattern on Moda.

I will show more as I get it done!

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