Finishing First

I am working on the baby blanket today,  I figured that I needed to get it done today, so that it is ready to go.  Above it is pictured half quilted.  This time I am quilting it one way and the crossing it the other way to make squares.

Here I am working on marking the next row to be top stitched.  I am marking it rather then freeform sewing so that my top stitching meat up at the corners of the squares.  Its a bit time consuming to do it this way but it looks really cute!

Here the quilting is all done, you can see some of the lines still, but within a day or so they will disappear, they will also go away when I wash it.  I love disappearing ink markers for sewing, they are awesome for lines that you need to sew but don’t need to show!…lol

Here is the back of the quilt, the little dots are actually a raised surface, its really soft, being Minky fabric.  I think I will use some of the left overs of this to make part of some tag blankets as the texture of this fabric is great!

And finally, here is the completed quilt!  I am so happy with it, the quilt measures 37″ square and will keep baby very cosy!


Sewn Remedy for Back Spasms

I get really bad back spasms sometimes, and I needed something to ease the pain, whether I need hot or cold on it.  So out comes some Amy Butler Fabric, from her Love collection, and a book One Yard Wonders and with a few quick stitches here and there!  A hot/cold pack is born, one that can be tied around my waist so that I can wear it when I am standing or sitting!

I am going to make a matching cold pack to go into it as well, but for now I just made the one.  You should have seen all my staff giving me weird looks as I used about a cup of our rice to fill it up.  If we actually ate at home I would have rice, but since we mostly eat at our restaurant, well you know…lol

Here is the hot pack inside the wrap

Here it is wrapped around my waist

I think I will really enjoy this project!  It was quick to make, only a few hours, and its very functional, I think I can even wear it under my Chef Jacket!!

I think I love you…

This fabric is so beautiful!  I think I am in love.  And thanks to Amy’s awesome tutorial, it has now transformed into a cover for my Daytimer!

Here is a photo of the quilting and straps done…

And then here is the outside of my new cover…

And some of the inside!

Good Morning, Sunshine, or lack there of.

The weather channel said sun shine all day, but I woke up to clouds….yuck!  A night of restless sleep and an early morning lead to me finishing my pin cushion!!  I love it!!

It goes along perfectly with my ironing board!

I have lots planned today so I won’t blog for long right now, Hope everyone has a great day!!

The transformation is complete.

From fat quarters and a few meters of fabric to this….

The baby quilt is complete and ready to give to Paul and Marilio for their new baby.  Along with a knitted sweater for their 2 year old daughter.  I really hope they love it.

One nice thing about quilting on a wet and rainy day, is you stay warm covered by the quilt as you stitch your binding on.

My favorite coin on the quilt….

And the quilt folded back to reveal the soft flannel backing, and my lovely binding job, which is the best I have ever done!

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