Finishing First

I am working on the baby blanket today,  I figured that I needed to get it done today, so that it is ready to go.  Above it is pictured half quilted.  This time I am quilting it one way and the crossing it the other way to make squares.

Here I am working on marking the next row to be top stitched.  I am marking it rather then freeform sewing so that my top stitching meat up at the corners of the squares.  Its a bit time consuming to do it this way but it looks really cute!

Here the quilting is all done, you can see some of the lines still, but within a day or so they will disappear, they will also go away when I wash it.  I love disappearing ink markers for sewing, they are awesome for lines that you need to sew but don’t need to show!…lol

Here is the back of the quilt, the little dots are actually a raised surface, its really soft, being Minky fabric.  I think I will use some of the left overs of this to make part of some tag blankets as the texture of this fabric is great!

And finally, here is the completed quilt!  I am so happy with it, the quilt measures 37″ square and will keep baby very cosy!


What A Week

It’s been a hectic week for me, and I haven’t been feeling great, so the time I did get to spend at home I tried to sleep most of it, so I haven’t done a ton of sewing.  I did manage to get half of the table runner quilted, I am pleased with how it is turning out.  I have more projects that I am planning and with Amy’s Challenge week coming up I am going to challenge myself to get a bunch of it done.  While Challenge week is meant for one thing, I hope to finish 3 -4 things, not very big things mind you, I will talk more about what I am challenging myself with once Amy posts the Challenge!

I have also made a couple of key chains, which I will post later as well.  I am thinking at least a couple of them will end up on my etsy shop.  Which is empty at the moment, but soon there will be some listings up.  I would rather get some things made before I post things, easier that way.

Chris and I are planning a trip (hopefully) we are thinking about going to Mt Rushmore, driving there in a couple of days and then slowly making our way home after we spend the better part of a day there.  We hope to drive to the border the first night, and then drive most of the way the next day, camping along the way.  We are so good at setting up and taking down the tent, this comes from when we went to his cousins wedding, we drove further then where we needed to be and then worked our way over there spending only a night or 2 at each place we went.  It was a lot of fun.  And we need a break.  But its not for a few weeks yet.

I have a poll for you!

I am working on my Mini Margaret Bag and I am at the point where I am ready for a button, only I cant decide. So hopefully you can help me out. Here are some photos of my margaret in progress, I have put a strip of the inside fabric over the purse so that you can see it, but my question is Which Button do I choose? (there is a poll at the bottom of this post, thanks in advance for playing)





Here is a view of all the buttons together

And here is the poll!!

What are we working on today?

Sunday’s are a great day for me to quilt and get other things done.  And so today I have been working on lots.  I have started cutting, sewing and pressing a dresden plate, this is made with the cheap template I bought to see if I could make a dresden plate…lol… its nice, just a lot shorter then I would have liked, the template is only one size, so you are pretty much stuck with what you get.  So before I finished it, I ordered the Easy Dresden Ruler.  I like making them but would like to be able to create multiple sizes!

I also am working on a Disappearing 9 patch table runner, there is a great and super easy tutorial here to make your own, I have all the blocks sewn together, and it has been sandwiched and pinned and is ready for quilting.

But before I can quilt that, I need to quilt and finish the baby blanket, so I am thinking of quilting the 9 patch as a treat for finishing quilting the baby blanket.  It is a slow process as I am marking a few lines and then top stitching, then more marking, and well you get the idea.  I am using my disappearing ink pen and if i do to many at once the lines start to fade before I get to them!!

So now that leads me to….What are you working on today?  I hope you have been productive in what ever you are doing today!

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