Repurposed for New Fabric Storage

So I got this shelf the other day at Walmart,  and I am now using it for fabric storage, specifically fat quarter and a little bit larger sizes.  This way I can see what I have to quilt with at a glance, I still have my Ikea tower full of fabric larger then the sizes that will fit in here, but atleast now most of my quilting fabric that I have at the moment is here.


I think I love you…

This fabric is so beautiful!  I think I am in love.  And thanks to Amy’s awesome tutorial, it has now transformed into a cover for my Daytimer!

Here is a photo of the quilting and straps done…

And then here is the outside of my new cover…

And some of the inside!

Good Morning, Sunshine, or lack there of.

The weather channel said sun shine all day, but I woke up to clouds….yuck!  A night of restless sleep and an early morning lead to me finishing my pin cushion!!  I love it!!

It goes along perfectly with my ironing board!

I have lots planned today so I won’t blog for long right now, Hope everyone has a great day!!

Tada! Progress!

As promised to Amy, I am posting my progress for my pin cushion.  I have cut out 12 pin cushion fronts, sewn one front, and found buttons for them.  This is the layout

And here is the first one completed, I have also chain sewn a bunch of squares together so that I can complete the other 11.

This is the front of mine…

I still have to sew on a back, fill the top half with fibrefill, and fill the bottom half with wheat or doll pellets and then sew it up.  I have most of tomorrow off (cross your fingers) so I should get more done.

I have also downloaded and printed a few other patterns that I will cut out tomorrow and maybe get done, more decor and helpful tools for my room.  Some nested quilted boxes, a book cover for my dayplanner/calendar, and a quilted sewing machine cover.  I am excited to get more done for my room!!

My Feet will arrive Thursday!

I think, to anyone who is not a quilter/seamstress/sewing machine fanatic would really wonder about that statement!!

But My Mom is coming on Thursday from Calgary, and she is bringing my walking foot, and my quilting foot!!  Which means that I can finally finish the baby quilt that I have been working on, I Hope to finish it before the weekend is over, this way I can bring it and the sweater in for Paul and Marilio’s Daughter and new baby.  Which isn’t born yet (I think)!

I have been busy sewing this week though not working on quilting, but working on Spindle bags.  I am selling them at my LYS, and they are a big hit that is for sure, with less then half left of the 9 bags that I made for last Saturday.  I also made some pattern keepers that sold out on Saturday!  So I have to make more of those!

Luckily while my Mom is in town I will get lots of time (I hope) to quilt and sew more things.

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