Repurposed for New Fabric Storage

So I got this shelf the other day at Walmart,  and I am now using it for fabric storage, specifically fat quarter and a little bit larger sizes.  This way I can see what I have to quilt with at a glance, I still have my Ikea tower full of fabric larger then the sizes that will fit in here, but atleast now most of my quilting fabric that I have at the moment is here.


Some Quilted Retail Therapy :)

Had kind of a crappy morning, so while I was out running some errands I stopped in at fabricland, and I think they heard that I was coming and needed some wonderful and cheap quilting fabric to make me feel better!

They had most of their quilting fabric section on for buy one meter, get 3 meters free!!

The photo above is some of the wonderful fabric that I picked up and here are some more photos of what came home with me today…

This bundle, I think will become some girl baby items, the middle fabric has some cute little chicks on it

This bundle, doesn’t have a purpose yet, but perhaps some spindle bags or some pillow shams

I think this bundle will become some quilted bags, or This and That Boxes, I especially like the bottom fabric and I may break that one from this pack and find some coordinating fabrics that have more greys and greens in them

And this Bundle, which is my favorite is either going to become a quilt for my bed, or some smaller projects such as a laptop cozy and iPod case, and iPad case.

My Feet will arrive Thursday!

I think, to anyone who is not a quilter/seamstress/sewing machine fanatic would really wonder about that statement!!

But My Mom is coming on Thursday from Calgary, and she is bringing my walking foot, and my quilting foot!!  Which means that I can finally finish the baby quilt that I have been working on, I Hope to finish it before the weekend is over, this way I can bring it and the sweater in for Paul and Marilio’s Daughter and new baby.  Which isn’t born yet (I think)!

I have been busy sewing this week though not working on quilting, but working on Spindle bags.  I am selling them at my LYS, and they are a big hit that is for sure, with less then half left of the 9 bags that I made for last Saturday.  I also made some pattern keepers that sold out on Saturday!  So I have to make more of those!

Luckily while my Mom is in town I will get lots of time (I hope) to quilt and sew more things.

Yummy Fabric!

So, I think I found a new second favorite hang out, I only say second favorite because my LYS is my first favorite…lol…But my new second favorite is Peachtree Fabric and Quilting shop!

It carries Moda!  And I didnt even know it!  Here I am drooling over everyone elses Moda fabrics, when I could be buying my own!!

Needless today my wallet cried a bit because of me stopping there today…lol

I also bought some Amy Butler 5” squares as well.  And a super cute pattern for a bag.

Some Light Reading

I had about an hour tonight at home, before I was to pick Chris up.  I decided that I would read some articles online, but found myself falling asleep!  So Off to Chapters I went to keep myself awake.  There I browsed the magazine and craft book sections and came home with some great books and magazines.

The Magazine that I picked up is Homestyle Sewing.  I picked this one because it had a pattern for an eyemask.  which i desperately need a new one, and yes I know I could just use my old one as a template, but sometimes its neat to see if someone else does something special when they put theirs together.   I have some ideas of what I would like, so watch for some of those soon.

I also picked up a One-Yard Wonders book, full of ideas of what to do with one yard, I have looked through it and know that there are a few things that will come out of that book too, like a laptop cover for my macbook.

Tomorrow, I plan on working more on the baby quilt and getting started on cleaning and organizing my craft room.  I am going to send some stuff to storage with Chris tomorrow as well, so that we have more room here to manoeuvre.  I think 3 weeks is long enough to live in a state of boxed not so bliss as I would call it!

I love Shopping…lol

I was at Fabricland today picking up the white and dark blue that I need to finish my coin quilt and I came across this uber cute fabric, its the second from the bottom one in the photo above, its pinks, and greens and teals, just lovely.  It also happened to be on the sale rack, so I picked up what was left of the bolt, as well as some coordinating colors, I am not sure if I am done picking colors, but I wanted to start collecting them.  Also at this point I am not sure what will become of it, bibs, or blankets or something I am sure.

On that note, I found out today that one of our reps of our suppliers is pregnant, with a boy, so I will ether quilt or knit something for him, but I have till August to get that done, as she will be going on mat leave at the end of august, and coming to visit all of our stores with the new hire sometime in august.

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